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Matilda Berry

mostly about books...

13 July
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actors, alan bennett, ancient greece, andrew marvell, antiques, aromatheraphy, art galleries, artemis, asking awkward questions, autumn, bach, being an only child, ben jonson, biscuits, black books, bongwater, books, bookshops, boswell, brian eno, bulgakov, buying books, byron, cakes, castles, cathedrals, chekhov, christina stead, christopher marlowe, claire clairmont, cold places, cream teas, denton welch, diaries, dickens, dr johnson, dreams, due south, e m forster, edward gorey, eighteenth century literature, elizabeth bowen, family trees, farscape, films, finding book bargains, food, frazier chorus, gardens, gathering information, ghosts, governesses, graveyards, greek mythology, h.d, henry james, herbalism, history, i-ching, jane bowles, jane gardam, jean rhys, john cale, john dee, katherine mansfield, keats, lakes, laurie anderson, lavender, led zeppelin, looking for clues, lord rochester, louise fitzhugh, lush cosmetics, maps, meditation, memoirs, memories, molesworth, museums, my childhood, my fits of angst, my past, natalie barney, nathaniel hawthorne, niles crane, notebooks, oscar wilde, penelope fitzgerald, persephone books, plaiting my hair, popping up the road, postcolonialism, proust, puppets, purple, radio 3, rakes and libertines, rivers, roxy music, ruins, samuel richardson, scarecrows, sea horses, seinfeld, self-analysis, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, shopping, sibling rivalry, simeon solomon, solitude, sophocles, staying at home, steve reich, sweets, sylvia townsend warner, talking heads, taoism, tarot, tea, the addams family, the pre-raphaelites, the restoration, the royal tenenbaums, the victorians, theatre, thomas love peacock, thomas mann, thomas wyatt, thoreau, tibet, time travel, tintin, toys, tulips, vampires, vanilla, velvet, velvet underground, venice, victorian childhoods, victorian literature, virginia woolf, w b yeats, walking, winter, writing, ye olden dayes